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MSM Industries, LLC provide these helpful resources as part of our commitment to you. Please contact us today to be considered for listing on this prosthetic eye wearers' resources page.


Artificial Eyes - Carole Lewis Stolpe, BCO; Frederick Lewis, BCO
Custom Ocular Prosthetics - Greg T.Sankey, Licensed Ocularist
Kolberg Ocular Prosthetics - Gordon I. Kolberg, BCO, FASO.; Erik G. Kolberg, BCO
Atlanta Eye Prosthetics, Inc. - David B. Herndon, BCO
Dallas Eye Prosthetics - Wm. Randall Trawnik, BCO, FASO
Erickson's Custom Made Artificial Eyes - Leif Erickson, BCO, BADO
Erickson Labs Northwest - Christie Erickson, BCO; Todd Cranmore, BCO
LeGrand Associates, Inc. - Joseph LeGrand, Jr.
Maloney's Ocular Prosthetics - Maureen Maloney-Schou, BCO; Kevin Schou, BCO
Jahrling Ocular Prosthetics, Inc.
Midwest Ocular Prosthetics - James P. Johnston, CO
Midwest Eye Laboratories, Inc. - Michael R. Barrett  BCO; Timothy J. Barrett  BCO; Sue C. Alexander BCO
Robert B. Scott Ocularists of Florida, Inc. - Roland B. Scott, BCO
Pacific Eyes of Hawaii - Doss K. Tannehill, BCO
Phillip A. Danz & Associates, Inc. - Phillip Danz, NEBO
Strauss Eye Prosthetics Inc. - James V. Strauss, BCO
L&B Laboratories, Inc. - David R Wyatt, BCO; Jennifer Premus, MAMS

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-Ocu-Sil™ is an optimal viscosity dimethylpolysiloxane silicone lubricant that relieves irritation and discomfort made specifically for people who wear prosthetic eyes.

-Ocu-Sil™ is a 350 centi-stoke medical grade silicone fluid. It is translucent and free of particulates, lumps, and gels. It has been clinically tested and is free of any toxicities. Ocu-Sil is a FDA approved medical grade dimethylpolysiloxane used for medical devices.
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